A new approach to quality assurance

Workforce Development Councils enable industry to have a stronger voice around quality assurance.

Muka Tangata wants ākonga (learners) to flourish in the food and fibre sector, and for employers and industry to get workers with the skills they need. Muka Tangata is responsible for quality assurance activities with providers who develop and deliver their own programmes. These activities include programme endorsement and external moderation. 

Our aim is to support providers to deliver quality programmes for ākonga. 

Improvements for 2024

Thank you for taking the time to feed back to us about how you think we should continue to build our relationships with you and improve our National External Quality Assurance and Moderation Plan for 2024.

We heard:

  • Providers want more certainty and earlier notice from Muka Tangata about when moderation will be called for, and which standards will be asked for
  • Providers valued the face-to-face hui Whakapūmau site visits
  • More sharing of what ‘good’ looks like from providers during seminars – record them and have them available as a resource
  • Hold some seminars on micro-credential development and skill standard interpretations
  • Work with NZQA to reduce compliance overlap
  • Continue to work with other WDCs to support consistent approaches to moderation and programme endorsement
  • Schools want to see cluster workshops for them
  • Continue with and improve newsletters


In 2024, we will:

  • Let each provider know in February 2024 when they will be moderated, and on which standards – we will also be establishing an end-of-year email sent to each provider summarising moderation results, activities and connections through the year
  • Continue the face-to-face hui Whakapūmau site visits with you, making every effort to schedule them at a time that suits you and your learners
  • Improve seminars to include more subjects (micro-credentials and skill standards; advice to TEC (and WDPs); and funding – UFS and TEC strategic funding for PTEs). Seminars will also allow providers to better showcase their good practice delivery and assessment models
  • Record seminars and make them available on our website as a further resource
  • Continue to work with NZQA around reducing and removing any overlap in programme endorsement / programme approval, and moderation / programme monitoring / consistency reviews
  • Continue to look for opportunities for collaboration and consistent approaches between WDCs
  • Incorporate a ‘tips and tricks’ section in our newsletter
  • Build on our mahi that supports the success of ākonga Māori, mātauranga Māori, and te ao Māori through our quality assurance and moderation functions (including asking for samples from Māori learners)
  • Explore best practices that support the success and equitable outcomes for underserved learners in the food and fibre sector
  • Hold monthly online drop in sessions for providers and schools

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Our two recent reports signal the way we plan to work with providers and develop fit-for-purpose quality systems.

Te Whakatōnga

A bespoke approach to deliberately incorporate mātauranga Māori and te ao Māori values into our National Quality Assurance and Moderation activities.

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External Moderation Review

A review of our moderation systems (conducted by SAARA) to confirm the value of external moderation, explore opportunities for improvement and research best practice.

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