Te Haumako

Food and fibre sector Māori workforce development plan

Te Haumako is our Māori Workforce Development Plan for the food and fibre sector.

Te haumako is the most fertile soil that will support pā harakeke to grow strong, sturdy, and well-built for the climate.  

In our workforce development plan for Māori in the food and fibre sector, Te Haumako, the soil symbolises how we embed te tirohanga Māori (Māori perspectives) into our work. 

Muka Tangata has worked closely with Māori to develop Te Haumako. Our focus is on Māori success and how iwi and hapū, whānau, ākonga (learners), kaimahi (workers), and businesses can flourish at all levels across food and fibre sector. 


We are currently seeking guidance and trialing ideas with iwi and hapū, Māori industry leaders, ahu whenua trusts, and those with expertise in how Māori learn best. From the work that has already been done, we have some big questions that we want your whakaaro on.

  • What can we do so that mātauranga Māori is a bigger part of vocational education?
  • How can skills that are valued in te ao Māori be part of qualifications and training?
  • How can we support Māori to grow into leaders and managers?
  • What do better career pathways look like for Māori?
  • How can we work with Māori to support innovation and entrepreneurship?


Please email us if you would like to get involved or be kept updated.