with industry, businesses, iwi and hapū Māori

Our work is guided by the needs and aspirations of people in the food and fibre sector. Engaging with industry, employers, iwi and hapū Māori is a key part of understanding these needs, identifying how best to meet them, and supporting our people to flourish.


We continue to broaden our networks across the food and fibre sector, connecting with groups and people who have a range of views an experiences. We do this to build a balanced picture of the needs of the sector.

  • We connect with industry leader organisations, iwi and hapū Māori, businesses of all sizes, and those in remote communities.
  • We seek the views of current and future workers, employers, whānau and families, landowners and trustees, to understand their aspirations and challenges.

Through direct conversations and research, we aim to support our sector with a future focus – we want to have sound information about current trends, challenges, opportunities and what could, or is likely to, happen in the future. We want to investigate current success stories and identify what has been tried, what has worked, and how we can prepare for different scenarios ahead.

Engagement also helps us ensure that the advice we give on government’s investment in skills, training and qualifications will meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the sector.


Working with iwi and hapū Māori

Muka Tangata works collectively with other Ohu Ahumahi Workforce Development Councils to meet and talk with iwi and hapū Māori about their aspirations for skills and training to support workforce development.

  • We recognise that, throughout the motu, iwi and hapū have diverse visions and goals that encompass many different sectors and industries.
  • We also acknowledge that iwi and hapū possess a range of structures and resources.
  • We respect the different ways which each may choose to work with us to both support their goals and contribute to our wider planning.

We also see goals that are common across many iwi and hapū – in particular concern for te taiao and te whenua, and a desire for skills and training that support their rangatahi (youth) to develop into leaders in their industries.  In our wider work programme we develop suggestions to address some of these common interests.

If you wish to discuss your goals for workforce development within your iwi or hapū, please contact us.

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Food and fibre Entry Level and Agriculture

Entry Level and Agriculture qualification development projects

Primary contact- Isabelle Coates



Primary contact – Brian Ireland



Rice, Grain, Cereal, Sugar, Cotton, Other

Primary contact – Sarah Vallance

Dairy Farming

Dairy cattle and goat farming

Primary contact – Isabelle Coates

Equine, Greyhounds and Racing

Horse farming, Horse and dog racing

Primary contact – Brian Ireland


Forestry, Logging, Forestry support services

Primary contact – Brian Ireland


Kiwifruit, Berry, Apple and pear, Stone and citrus fruit, Olives, Other fruit or nut trees, Fruit and vegetable retailing

Primary contact – Krista Henare

Secondary contact – Chevourne Taukiri

Grapes and Wine

Grape growing, Alcoholic beverage manufacturing

Primary contact – Catherine Ross

Nursery, Turf and Gardening

Nursery production, Floriculture production, Turf growing, Gardening services

Primary contact – Brian Ireland

Poultry, Pigs and other livestock farming

Poultry and Pigs

Primary contact – Chevourne Taukiri


Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood processing, Fish and seafood wholesaling

Primary contact – Catherine Ross

Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool

Sheep and Beef, Wool harvesting, Deer

Sheep and Beef, Deer – Isabelle Coates

Wool harvesting – Sarah Vallance

Support Services

Other Agriculture and fishing services, Landscape construction, Agriculture product wholesaling

Primary contact – Catherine Ross


Mushroom, Vegetable, Fruit and vegetable retailing

Primary contact – Krista Henare

Secondary contact – Chevourne Taukiri

Veterinary Services and Animal Care

Vet services

Primary contact – Sarah Vallance