Unit Standard interpretation

Unit Standard interpretation

Industry standards, industry best practice, legislation and codes change quite frequently. Unit Standard interpretations allow for continued use and application of current assessors who should always assess according to what is current industry practice. 

If certain aspects of the Unit Standard Range Statements or Performance Criteria are out of date and don’t align with current industry practice, then it may be appropriate to ignore these aspects when conducting an assessment. 

For example…

Unit 36 – Select fencing support materials.

P.C. 2.3 states:

“Other fencing material types of strainers, angles, and posts are identified and compared against wooden post configurations for suitability for purpose.

Range: steel, fibreglass, concrete.”

Some existing fences still have concrete posts, however, when selecting materials for new fences, concrete is no longer considered to be current industry practice. Therefore, it would be appropriate to ignore that aspect (only) of the range statement when assessing this unit.

Unit Standard interpretations are designed to give additional guidance to Assessors for specific unit standards only. They are an interim measure to be applied until such time as the unit standard in question is reviewed in full. 

View a current list of our Unit Standard interpretations here. This is reviewed and updated regularly. Last update 27/05/24.

View previous Unit Standard interpretations from when Primary ITO was Standard Setting Body up until 4th October 2021 here. 

If you are aware of any issues with Muka Tangata unit standards, please contact us.