National external moderation

National external moderation for 2023

The Muka Tangata National External Quality Assurance and Moderation Plan has been created from guideline principles developed by Ohu Ahumahi. The plan will support your organisation to prepare for external quality assurance and moderation with Muka Tangata, and can assist with developing internal quality systems.  Read the National External Quality Assurance and Moderation Plan 2023

The final date for moderation materials to be submitted for 2023 is Friday 24 November. The first day to submit in 2024 will be 15 January. View the 2023 Moderation Calendar

Moderation focus areas for 2023  

From recent research, provider feedback, and through continuous improvement, we will be moving towards moderating at a programme level where feasible.  

We apply a risk-based approach to national external moderation. Providers delivering standards and/or programmes in the following industries will be a focus for moderation in 2023:  

  • Sheep, Beef and Deer Farming   
  • Dairy Farming  
  • Vehicles, Machinery and Infrastructure
  • Horticulture, Sports Turf and Gardening
  • Forestry
  • Fruit Production
  • Māori learners

What is national external moderation?

The national external moderation system provides assurance in the quality of programme delivery and assessment carried out by organisations with consent to assess. We manage national external moderation in accordance with the relevant Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) document. You can access the CMRs on the NZQA website


Pre-assessment moderation

Assessment materials are moderated prior to use with candidates.  

Pre-assessment moderation will continue as specified in the current CMR documents.   

Providers (including schools) need to complete a pre-assessment moderation cover sheet and email their required documentation and the coversheet to [email protected]. There is no charge for pre-assessment moderation. 

Please find the pre-assessment moderation coversheet


Post-assessment moderation

Post-assessment moderation may be completed online or on-site.

Desktop online moderation involves WDCs moderating assessor judgements to ensure they are fair, valid and consistent with the standard.  Desk-based assessment materials and assessed learner work is submitted by the provider for moderation.  We conduct post-assessment moderation in accordance with the moderation calendar and may call for moderation outside of these times when there is a reason to do this.   

Providers and schools are asked to submit samples electronically for moderation and with a completed Post Moderation coversheet to [email protected].

On-site moderation visits can take place face to face or virtually. Visit dates and locations will be negotiated with the provider. Site visits may involve any or all of the below:  

  • discussing programme endorsement considerations and programme performance  
  • discussing currency of CMR  
  • talking with staff and ākonga (learners)
  • observing delivery and assessment
  • viewing facilities; and
  • answering questions

 Please find the post-assessment moderation coversheet

Moderation appeals process

Providers may wish to appeal moderation decisions made by Muka Tangata.  

Appeals must be received within 15 working days of receiving the moderation outcome report. Providers need to complete a moderation appeal form and email it to [email protected]. 

Please find the moderation appeal form


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