A Skills Framework for the Food and Fibre Sector

Food and Fibre Skills Framework

Muka Tangata is seeking feedback on a draft Food and Fibre Skills Framework. We’re looking to develop a common language to describe skills and knowledge. This will make it easier to understand which skills are relevant across many food and fibre sectors and workplaces, and which are more specialised. It will help create pathways between different qualifications and sectors, and make entry into the food and fibre sector easier. It may also help with recognising skills that have been gained outside of the formal qualification system.



EMPLOYERS – Have you ever wondered…  

  • How can I get the training I need for my employees, when I need it?  
  • How can I really know what skills and knowledge my new employees bring?  
  • How can I build on and extend those skills to meet the needs of my workplace?  
  • How can I keep on top of what’s happening across my industry and plan for that?  
  • How can I get the most out of every dollar and hour that I invest in training my employees?  

We want to hear your thoughts about these questions and any other aspects of the skills you need in your workplace. You can complete a short poll and / or register to participate in an online focus group.

Please complete a brief poll (~5 minutes) about some of these aspects, click here  



Online focus groups

We’re also holding online focus groups to discuss a food and fibre skills framework. You can register to join in an hour-long online focus group by clicking on the date that suits you best, and emailing your interest:  

  • Monday 26 February, 4 – 5pm register
  • Thursday 29 February, 10 – 11am  register

Please contact us to arrange an alternative time.



Public feedback closes 8 March

Read more or contact us for more information.