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Since April 2023, we have been working with industry to review the suite of Seafood qualifications to ensure that they meet industry needs. We are taking a new approach based on partnering with industry, iwi Māori and vocational education providers to review and develop qualifications, standards, micro-credentials, in parallel with the programmes to deliver them.

Review scope:

Having a fit for purpose, flexible, and future-proof suite of qualifications for the Seafood industry will ensure ākonga (learners) are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to succeed. This will be a review of the Seafood Processing, Commercial Fishing, and Aquaculture qualifications.

View initial review summary: Executive Summary

View the General Qualification Process and FAQs: Seafood qualification review information sheet



April 2023 – Expressions of Interest sent for industry, iwi Māori and vocational education provider representation.

May – June – Working and Steering groups are set up and meet online.

July – Seafood Qualification Review in-person hui held in Nelson.

August – September – New qualification suite structures socialised with Working and Steering group members.

October – Consultation document and draft qualifications structures are developed and published.

November – Qualifications and Micro credentials and priority skill standards due to be submitted to NZQA.

December 2023 – January 2024 – NZQA publishes qualifications and micro-credentials and priority skill standards.

February – April 2024 – Skill standard development to replace existing unit standards as necessary.


Latest progress and next steps:

  • Working and Steering Groups have signed off on draft Qualification suite proposal, following intensive engagement (September).
  • Consultation report, draft suite and survey created for public consultation – due to go live 4 October.

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