Our Quality Assurance and Enhancement team

General Manager Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Lester Hoare

Our General Manager is Lester Hoare who many of you will know as the previous Quality Manager at Primary ITO. Lester has worked in Quality Assurance and Moderation for many years.  

Fun Fact: Lester is going to the UK for Christmas and having his first Northern Hemisphere Christmas in 23 years. Looking forward to the snow (probably not), Christmas carols and the Christmas lights! 

Email:[email protected]

Quality Assurance Lead

Marianne Farrell

Marianne is one of two Quality Assurance Leads. Marianne was previously Learner Achievement Team Lead at Primary ITO. Marianne and her team are responsible for the Agriculture, Vehicles, Seafood and other related industries and the South Island Schools.  

Fun Fact: Marianne has been to the Everest base camp in Tibet.  

Email:[email protected]
Phone: 022 0286848 

Quality Assurance Lead

Shashi Battini

Shashi is our other Quality Assurance Lead. Shashi previously worked as a quality lead at Skills Org. Shashi is responsible for moderation of the Horticulture and Forestry sectors and the North Island Schools.  

Fun Fact: Shashi loves playing backyard cricket with family and friends. 

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022 687 0110 

Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist

Lisa Abernethy

Lisa is a Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist in Shashi’s team. Lisa worked at Skills Org for several years and had various roles, most recently in the quality assurance space. She looks after moderation for the Horticulture and Forestry industries.  

Fun Fact: Lisa went to the School of Art in Dunedin when she left school and is a trained potter. She worked as a ceramicist making giftware for giftshops around New Zealand for nearly 4 years before moving into the corporate world. 

Email:[email protected]
Phone: 022 026 2765 

Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist

Damian Adamski

Damian is a Moderation Specialist in Marianne’s Team. He comes from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa where he worked as a programme manager and as a moderation advisor. Damian supports providers in the agriculture industry.  

Fun Fact: Damian is an avid plant lover and has an extensive collection of Hoya. He has over 95 different variety and is looking forward to getting them to flower over time. 

Email:[email protected]
Phone: 022 014 4552 

Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist

Rochelle Skudder

Rochelle is a Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist in Shashi’s team. Rochelle previously worked at Skills Org in the Quality Assurance area, prior to that she spent many years in the tertiary education sector. Rochelle looks after moderation for the Horticulture and Forestry industries. 

Fun Fact: Rochelle left school and backpacked around the world for 3 years, was a tutor at a Polytechnic for over 12 years, and now lives on a farm in Dargaville. 

Email:[email protected]
Phone: 022 014 5513 

Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist

Jasmine Baker

Jasmine is a Quality Assurance and Moderation Specialist in Marianne’s Team. She comes from Connexis where she was a Quality Assurance Administrator and has previously studied Educational Psychology at Victoria University. Jasmine will be looking after the needs of the Agricultural industry. 

Fun Fact: Jasmine has been riding horses since she was 3. 

Email:[email protected]

Phone: 022 012 3672 


Maraea Bottles 

Maraea is our Quality Assurance Administrator. She is Ngāti Kuri and Ngāti Kahungungu and has experience in the vocational education sector. She looks forward to supporting the team.  

Fun Fact: Maraea and her whānau are practicing members of the Ratana Church where she learnt how to play the cornet. 

Email: [email protected] 


Sharyn Anderson

Sharyn is one of our administrators – you may have already had correspondence from her. She previously worked with Primary ITO.  

Fun Fact: Sharyn Anderson’s nickname is Jimmy because her Dad wanted her to be a boy – and a tom-boy she is. 

Email:[email protected]