Muka Tangata Annual Report 2022-23

We are pleased to share our Annual Report for 2022-23, detailing our operations and celebrating our successes from the past year. 

Listening to the needs of the food and fibre sector and industries, iwi and hapū Māori, we have started to deliver significant and meaningful change to vocational education in the food and fibre sector.  

This report highlights how we have been working to support people to flourish across our sector and the communities that help us thrive, our key milestones, major projects and achievements, including: 

  • our qualifications development projects in Seafood and Forestry, our specialist micro-credentials development, our Food and Fibre Skills Framework, and New Approach to Learner Pathways;
  • our new approach to quality assurance, guided by the reports Te Whakatōnga and External Moderation Review;
  • the online launch of our 14 industry-specific Workforce Development Plans, and public Shared Data Platform;
  • our collaboration across WDCs, and within the wider vocational education sector to deliver the best results for the people in our industries; and 
  • how we are we are ensuring Māori agribusinesses and learners benefit from all of our mahi. 

We extend our deep appreciation to all those from our sector who have taken the time to engage, kōrero, and collaborate with us. 

We’re excited for the year ahead – continuing to build connections and partnerships and seeing more of the fruits of our efforts. 

Read the Annual Report 2022-23