Muka Tangata supporting schools to deliver Agriculture and Horticulture unit standards

Muka Tangata is working with the Horticulture and Agriculture Teachers Association of New Zealand (HATA) to support delivery of high-quality quality assessment materials for secondary schools.

HATA works to improve the teaching and promoting of the New Zealand secondary school Horticulture and Agriculture unit standards nationally.

Many schools are members and acquire their training resources and assessments from HATA, so it is important these school resources are pre moderated and of high quality.

After contacting HATA early in our inception, we built a strong relationship where they have invited us to connect closely with them and their members.

We have held online workshops for upskilling HATA teacher members, face to face workshops regionally where their members were invited and also presented at the 2023 HATA Conference to help members understand best practice assessment and the WDC functions.

Kerry Allen, Secretary / Treasurer of HATA says the process of working with Muka Tangata has been smooth and beneficial.

“Firstly, the communication lines are great. I can literally ring Muka Tangata and someone is happy to talk to me about any issues I might have, which has not been the case before.

“The pre moderation has also worked really well for us. The free service makes a huge difference for a non-profit organisation like us, knowing that every minute is not being charged for and because it’s free we can provide more options for each unit standard, better meeting different learner needs,” says Kerry.

“Overall, we also feel more connected and engaged than before, as we’ve had opportunities to participate and have our HATA voice heard. That’s really encouraging as schools have the bulk of the education system come through and so it’s good to be involved.”

The expected outcome is that the HATA members will have good knowledge about Muka Tangata functions and expectations.  Schools will have a higher level of moderation compliance and feel confident to make direct contact with our moderators to build on their current practice.

HATA and Muka Tangata will continue to build on the strong relationship and regularly collaborate.

School students will have a positive experience with agriculture and horticulture subjects and more may take up opportunities in the sector.