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In August 2023, we initiated a project to work with industry to develop four micro-credentials to support the Wool Harvesting industry. Development of Wool Harvesting micro-credentials 2023 – Muka Tangata.

We are working with industry leaders and vocational education and training bodies to research, analyse and construct a workable solution for the industry.

Review scope:

The Wool industry has acknowledged the lack of a successful industry training model.

This work is informed by research undertaken by the Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence and work we are doing to map non-formal training delivery to formal qualification development.

Key steps:

  • Hold an initial wānanga for a Wool Harvesting micro-credential development project: Wool micro-credential development update
  • Work with representative participants to develop micro-credentials and standards for the Wool industry.
  • Submit micro-credentials and standards to NZQA.
  • Micro-credentials published by NZQA and available for use by training providers.

Update: May 2024

We have finalised the form and content of new skill standards and micro-credentials which will provide a training pathway for those looking to join the Wool Harvesting industry and the opportunity to have the skills gained formally recognised.  

In total, four micro-credentials and five skill standards in shearing, wool handling and wool pressing have been developed at level 3. These training tools are a key step in establishing a sustainable and enduring formal learning pathway for the wool handling industry after decades of the absence of such opportunities. 

We now socialising the training products with the wider industry and vocational education and training sector: Wool Harvesting development

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