Seeking specialists for irrigation micro-credential development

Through our engagement with Irrigation NZ we’ve identified the need for credentials that recognise people with skills in commissioning and verification of full water pipe measurement systems.

Muka Tangata is working to develop two new irrigation micro-credentials for the industry.

The proposed Level 5 micro-credentials would make up part of the accreditation for Irrigation NZ’s Blue Tick.

Proposed micro-credentials will provide recognition of the skills and knowledge in:

  • Full Pipe Water Measurement System Commission
  • Full Pipe Water Measurement System Verification

Blue Tick is a water measurement accreditation programme, set up by Irrigation NZ around 2013, to give accreditation to companies that work in the water measurement space. The programme is used by most regional councils to help them ensure consent holders have access to quality providers to undertake water metering requirements under the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations (2010).

The number of ākonga (learners) in this area of study has been increasing over the past 3 years as a result of regulatory requirements. The development of these micro-credentials will support the growth of these numbers as the need for accredited workers increases.

We’re calling for expressions of interest from those in the industry to be involved in developing these irrigation micro-credentials to ensure they meet the needs of all ākonga (learners) and align with current and future industry requirements. Consultation will begin Tuesday 31 October, but we are accepting submissions ongoing. Complete the expressions of interest form here.


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