Bespoke workshop held with Fruition tutors to strengthen assessment best practice

Muka Tangata and Fruition Horticulture, a specialist horticulture education provider, are both focused on continuous improvement in the delivery of programmes.

As a part of this continuous improvement Muka Tangata recently offered to run a customised online assessor workshop for Fruition Horticulture’s tutors to focus on assessment moderation.

The workshop explained assessment best practice including the NZQA Aromatawai principles of assessment, the pre-assessment, assessment and post-assessment process and Muka Tangata expectations for moderation.

Fruition Horticulture’s Academic Manager Wendy Bradley says she was pleasantly surprised to learn that Muka Tangata offers workshops and other services to support providers.

“Having Muka Tangata as an expert external party providing a moderation workshop is very beneficial.

“Our tutors got a lot out of it. They have a better understanding of assessment best practice. Now, they are keen to do another workshop with Muka Tangata, this time in person.”

The outcome of the workshop has been improved assessment practices that will hopefully feed into good results in post-assessment moderation.

Wendy says that Muka Tangata brings a new approach to the industry, focused on helping improve processes and systems.

“Overall, I can see there’s a change. While you do need to have things audited, Muka Tangata is very much about doing things jointly to improve outcomes and achieve an overall benefit.”