Collaborative approach builds positive relationship and better outcomes

Muka Tangata proactive and collaborative approach to ensuring assessment materials are fit-for-purpose has been a refreshing and beneficial experience for The Get Group.

Muka Tangata has been working with this Manawatu-based education provider over the last few months, pre-moderating their assessment materials to ensure both provider needs are met and fair and consistent outcomes for ākonga (learners).

Previously working with Primary ITO, The Get Group’s assessment materials had passed post-moderation for the last five years. However, they failed Muka Tangata first post moderation in 2022 as they were no longer fit-for-purpose. Called back in 2023 for post moderation, The Get Group told Muka Tangata they would not pass as they were using the same materials.

Rather than going ahead with post moderation the Quality Assurance and Enhancement team at Muka Tangata chose to work with them to meet the new requirements.

“They were really great,” says Noeline Cook, Managing Director of The Get Group, which delivers a broad scope of education programmes to around 2,000 students a year, including horticulture and agriculture.

“The team visited us, discussed how we did things and offered to help us make changes to align with their new requirements.”

The Get Group has sent in the materials they plan to use, which Muka Tangata is pre-moderating to ensure they are fit for purpose – a new and very positive experience says Noeline.

“In the past we have not had support from a lot of ITOs with pre-moderation. Rather we have been told what’s wrong but no help to improve. Muka Tangata’s approach supporting us with pre-moderation means our materials are right at the start and takes all the stress out of post-moderation.”

The team is continuing to work closely with The Get Group’s Quality Assurance Manager Josh Miller advising him on how to meet the standard required – including making another site visit.

“There’s been a massive improvement in communications working with Muka Tangata from what we were used to previously,” says Noeline. “We’ve had two face-to-face meetings in our office, which is amazing. And they’re not just telling us what we’re doing wrong, they are asking us what they can do to help. That’s very helpful when you are trying to create quality education.”

Had Muka Tangata chosen to post moderate the materials, it would have been a negative experience for The Get Group. This approach not only ensures The Get Group is using quality assessment materials that will ensure their learners are fairly assessed but has built a positive and productive relationship.

“I wish Muka Tangata moderated all our units.”