Public consultation open: Seafood qualification suite

As part of the Seafood qualification development project, Muka Tangata is seeking feedback through a public consultation process.

Since April 2023, Muka Tangata have been working with representatives from the Seafood industry, iwi Māori and the vocational education and training sector to develop a proposed Seafood qualification suite.

You can view the proposed Seafood qualification suite here.

And provide your feedback here. Consultation is open until Tuesday 31 October 2023.

From the collated feedback, we will review what and how the feedback can be implemented. The consultation report provides a background to the qualification development project, the process undertaken to date, our early findings, and our proposals for change.

We value your input; feedback allows us to conduct a rigorous process that will produce a robust framework.


Review scope

New Zealand Certificate (NZC)  Level  NZQA Ref. 
NZC in Commercial Fishing with stands in Shellfish, Wet fish, and Frozen Fish  3 Ref: 3133
NZC in Seafood with strands in Fish and Fish Products, Live Holding, Cleaning and Sanitation, and Seafood Logistics  3 Ref: 3130
NZC in Aquaculture with strands in Hatchery, Fish, and Shellfish  3 Ref: 3135
NZC in Commercial Fishing  4 Ref: 3132
NZC in Seafood Processing  4 Ref: 3131
NZC in Aquaculture with strands in Hatchery, Fish, Shellfish and Aquaculture Diving  4 Ref: 3134
NZC in Seafood with strands in Aquaculture, Seafood Processing and Commercial Fishing.  5 Ref: 3129Seaf


To launch the project, an Expressions of Interest process was undertaken to appoint an overarching Steering Group for the project, and three Working Groups of representatives from the Aquaculture, Seafood Processing and Commercial Fishing sectors, existing tertiary education providers and Regional Sector Leadership Groups (RSLGs).

We have also sought representation from iwi Māori, Pacific people and tangata whaikaha.