Te Tai Tokerau visit

Te Tai Tokerau, located in the northernmost part of New Zealand, is home to various iwi and hapū (tribes and sub-tribes) who play a significant role in the region’s cultural heritage and workforce development.

The Workforce Development Councils had the opportunity to meet with these iwi, focusing on iwi and hapū needs, employment, skill needs, alternative pathways, and engagement in formal qualifications and training. 

Te Tai Tokerau have an extensive history in a range of primary industries including, forestry, dairy farming, horticulture, agriculture, seafood, and others. Although such industries have existed in Te Tai Tokerau for some time, new skill demands are emerging within these industries. These skills are things like technology, science-based skills, and in particular, AI (artificial intelligence). 

This hui has resulted in us working closely with key whānau from Te Tai Tokerau through the review of our forestry qualifications. We look forward to building on these relationships, and working with industry, learners, and iwi and hapū Māori.