Be part of building the pathway for the next generation of leaders

Improving leadership capability provides an opportunity to drive further growth in Aotearoa New Zealand’s productivity, and to positively impact businesses and the economy.

We know that workers in food and fibre often come from other sectors. Our analysis found that in 2020, 29% industry changers came from service industries (represented by Ringa Hora), 19% from manufacturing, engineering and logistics industries (represented by Hanga-Aro-Rau), 10% from construction and infrastructure industries (represented by Waihanga Ara Rau), 5% from community, health, education and social services (represented by Toitū te Waiora) and 3% from creative, cultural, recreation and technology industries (represented by Toi Mai).

A diverse background in multiple industries within a sector can prepare individuals for leadership roles that require a broader understanding of the sector as a whole. Te Manu Arataki Leadership project, led by Ringa Hora, is now underway for all sectors supported by Ohu Ahumahi Workforce Development Councils.

Muka Tangata encourages people in the food and fibre sector to get involved in the project that will increase leadership capabilities across the industries we serve.

Read more and register for the project here