Representing specialised industries in workforce data

Our Workforce Development Plans capture workforce and skills information and opportunities for our 61 industries as specified by the ANZSIC codes in our Order in Council.

We’ve found that the ANZSIC system does not represent some industries well in the data​ – some specialised industries are ‘clumped’ in with other industries within a generalised ANZSIC code. This means some of our smaller industries are not ‘visible’ in our data, including Sports Turf.

To try and capture the concerns of the Sports Turf management services industry, we used data from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations and developed a workforce development plan for Sports Turf that included a demographic profile for ‘Greenkeepers’ using census data.

Read more on our workforce development plans website here

This small but important change means that we can accurately represent industry-specific information for workforce planning.